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Monday, 4 October 2010


so i think its about 81 days till christmas?
i'm so impatient, i keep hinting for my mum and dad to give me a camera sooner, its really annoying, as soon as my grandad gets home (wednesday) i'm going to run over and get his camera, and take some shots, hopefully!
i'm sorry for like no photography posts, my response to the last one was pretty naffy, so im debating on weither to just not do it, and just upload stuff on my own photography. I'm so sorry for like two posts back; the picture quality i know its horrible.. 2 megapixel for goddness sake.
i'm so busy with school right now, and i'm ube tired, i was such a grump this morning, i walked into school in the worst mood ever! i feel sorry for my best friend (Rebecca) who had to listen to me moan.
my mummy has her new car, and ive fallen in love with it, it's an urm Audi TT in white, its stunning.
enjoy a picture of my mums new car :
this isn't actually her car, but its the same? get me? xD