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Thursday, 7 October 2010


you know you see people on here with 100's of followers, but i have my 'crew' of 8 and i love it! well one's actually me soo.. ^^
but thankyouthankyou to the two new people, honestly it's made my day, ive had a pretty rubbishy day, including being called fat, but i'm not going to get into the story, because ill just get upset again..
hm.. well yesturday my mum and dad went shopping without me, (Whilst i was at school) and well the picked me up in my mummys new flash car ^^, an they tol me they had bought me a watch and some nice pj's, sounds okay right?
well then my dad went to fetch the pj's and they were full body suit things, you know the ones i mean, alike what babys wear? they have feet in them and stuff D:
so yeh.. my mum is sick of me complaiing i'm so cold at night, so she has bought me one of thoose, i have it on right now, i have taken some pictures of myself in the pjs on my grandads camera, and i promise to uploa when i can :)
so again THANKYOU! & i'm going to go to bed now, because i have to get up uber early :)
till next time,
Nicole xox


  1. Ahw, I can imagine, and I can tell you, since today I've got 100 followers, and I started too with 1. And every single follower I've gotten in the last 6 months or so, just made my day! I'm sure, that one day you'll have like 200 followers or so! Keep it up, don't give up! (( :


  2. ahaa :) yurp its an amazing feeling xD
    & i hope one day i do have 200 followers :) i shall not give up, promiise :)
    thankyou for the comments :)