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Saturday, 2 October 2010

pictures :)

ahaa..sorry for this random post. I decide to take LOTS of pictures today with my new phone. So there you go :) hope you enjoyed them. i love the last picture its of Alfie :')
till next time,
Nicole x


  1. Ahw thank you so much! <3 Haha, love the fact that you made that many pictures haha! Next time with a real camera? ;D x


  2. ahaa.. thankyou :) and i shall take photos with a real camera as soon as i get one, which wont be till christmas! sorry :(

    && thankyou soo much, i have two doggys but they both look the same and so adorable! :)

  3. Very cute pictures :-) btw: now you have 7 followers:-)

  4. your dog is so so adorable! :)

    keep up the good work on your blog btw!