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Saturday, 23 October 2010


well i'm bored, so i thought i'd write a post :)
i had a rubbish day, as thought, played on the wii at my grandmas and at home, chuffed when i did my body test, ive lost loads of weight since the last time i was on and my wii fit age was 14 :') i was chuffed.
something horrible did happen today though..
molly took off a piece of alfies ear! she's quite vicious you know, they started fighting nastly and i was like aahhhh! jumped to the rescue and then noticed i was covered in blood, then looked at my little alfie and he was bleeding all over, his ear was litterally squirting blood, he was covered, he was no longer just a black and white doggy he was a black, white and RED! he was walking round the room getting blood all over the walls he wouldn't keep still! there was no way he was going to let us touch it.. he still wont.. it's been hours since the insodent and he's still covered in blood because he wont let you touch it :( he smells nasty.. i will get a hold of him in the morning, i couldn't believe it! but yeh.. thats all.. ohh & my little sister started writing a blog, lmao.. made me laugh but she can do what she wants..
at the moment..
i am sitting on the floor with molly lying across me warming me up a lot! and watching bbc three.
ohh did anyone watch piers morgans interview with Cheryl Cole? it was truely touching, i was in tears! she has been through a lot and i found out a load that i didn't already know.. including the fact that she smokes, sorry but that really did suprise me, she only smokes 5 a day though ^^
i think i'm going to watch this episode of family guy and then head off to bed :) i'm super tired. thankyou to the new follower i have! and thankyou for all of the lovely comments they are much appriciated.
Goodnight, sweet dreams.
Nicole xox


  1. Oh no - I hope your dog gets better! That's horrible!

    KF x

  2. sure is, but he's doing great! :) x