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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

obsessed with the Wii Fit, officially! :)

so yeh.. i got up this morning and did an hours worth of stuff on the wii fit, loads of yoga! my knee's were shaking when i finished x) but i feel good now, it really wakes you up! i hate it at the same time though because my little dude person is so fat :l i'm at risk of overweight ): my bmi is like 25! blehh.. ill live, and i supose if i keep up my wii fit stuff i may be okay, i'm eating better to! so if all goes well i may be an ideal weight, before florida, and then ill come back and ill be obease! ^^
i took some photo's of myself, well my sister did, of what i wore today, just to show you my everyday wear, enjoy the poor quality images taken by a 10 year old girl! :

ha i also took some images of my little sister :

x) ohh and i forgot to mention, me and my sister now have our own living room, we have the wii, playstation and sky so it's awesome, so me and my sister decided to make it our own.. and to do that we are sticking posters on one of the walls, it's not even nearly finished but here it is so far:
i love it! i can't wait to see it finished.
thats all i have to tell you today,
till next time
Nicole xox


  1. hahaha wii fit, i play wii sports.
    It's addictive thing right? haha.