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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

your welcome to all the people whom said thankyou for giving you the stylish blog award, i'm justt going to share with you who i actually gave the award to- i just left a comment on a post because i'm good like that (:
- the solar flare
- themadtoter
- missing-lovebirds
- melinda jane
- Kenzie Faith
- it is a lok-yin
- inside the mind of alex.
- daisy butter
- Come Whine with me
- combo-monster
- bells-and-whistles
- She Wore WHAT?!
- November Grey
- Young and Wise

yep i'm sure thats all 15 of you lovelys(:
well i did have an outfit post all sorted and stuffs- but the pictures failed to upload. em.. nothing exciting has happened recently apart from on saturday i went to a friends birthday party and saw a friend there who i havent seen in forever so it was nice to see her and have a bit of a chat. School has been boring as always. I went to revision tonight.. it was maths and well there was only 6 of us there.. and everyone who was there i didn't really talk to so it was super boring- but when my mummy picked me up we went to mcdonalds for tea(': - honestly i twist about how fat i am yet i still eat at mcdonalds. well thats all i have for you tonight.. sorry about it being such a rubbish post again):
Love you all,
Nicole xxox

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

ha, so yeh i recieved this from my best friend Rebecca, i love her super emounts. but anyways- i was pretty damn happy when i saw this(:

7things about myself!
-i'm 14
-i love ice skating
-I LOVE fashion(:
-love blogspot;reading blogs and writing my own.
-i have an addiction to pasta.
-i love the feeling when i see i have a comment or a new follower on my blog (':

Well now i'm going to award 15 of you lovely bloggers this award- i shall inform in my next post who i did actually award it too (:
Nicole xox

Friday, 21 January 2011

at long last.

yep, since the exam is over and i have time. i'm going to share with you the stuff i bought and what i bought and what i plan on wearing for a friends party tommorow. I'm going to start with the outfit because basically everything i have on is stuff i bought :)

(top-primark,skirt-primark,tights-?,shoes-f21,bag-h&m) ha, so the top,skirt and bag were all bought last saturday (: and here is what else i bought:

the two first tops, were bought from a little vintage shop and i got them both for only £7! & the skirt was in the sale at h&m for £5, i'm sorry about the picture of the skirt but it was kinda crappy to take a pictue of and it were the best i could do(: So the exam went okay i think ive done okay. Tommorow i'm going to my friends 14th Birthday party i bought her the best preasent ever and i will take a picture of it before  i give it away, i'm hoping to see one of my friends at the party who i havent seen in about a year so that should be good- Sunday i'm off ice skating again hopefully. Tonight i'm plannning on sitting and relaxing and eating some of the apple crumble my sister has made, i'm eating way to much at the moment.. and i'm not gaining weight but neither am i loosing it, next week i'm going to stop eating at school again just to loose a little bit of weight.. i still eat when i get home (: HA! ive was looking on youtube for a free fitness video and i found an abdominal one.. gosh does it hurt, but ive been doing it every night for the past three night.. it really hurts but i'm hoping, maybe i will eventually see results :)
so yeh.. thats all i have to say.
have a good weekend!!
Nicole xox

Thursday, 20 January 2011

quick update.

i promise thoose pictures are coming to you tonight! but anyways today i have a graphics exam and i'm super scared i kinda want to do really well in graphics but we did a moc and i kinda got a D /: devistated.. but yeh i sat last night and read through a load of revision material my teacher gave me, but i still don't feel confident. hoping for the best.
wish me luck, Nicole xox

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

please don't hate me.

i'm super sorry i havent updated my blog in such a long time. i have taken picutres of the things i bought but i havent got time to upload them... so i'm sorry. I have loads of school work to do and i have a load of revision for a gcse exam on friday! i promise i shall try to get a real post done at the weekend or before.. i'm so sorry that ive had to put school work before this blog/:
don't hate me.
Nicole xox

Sunday, 16 January 2011

'you know you love something if you cry over the fact they're leaving'

i have so much to tell you and show you all but i'm not in the mood. ive spent all of last night and today crying over the fact the puppies are leaving. people are coming round in half an hour to see them. i cant even look at them anymore- i really want to say goodbye but it makes things worse. bye buster,ellie,jackson and poppy )':
Nicole. x

Friday, 14 January 2011

ready to hit the streets.

well today i'm ill once again- went into school and they send me home after one hour,yay. Tommorow i'm hitting the streets of newcastle for some good old shopping with friends; I can't wait. My mum told me about this awesome little vintage shop, which i can't wait to visit and hope i pick up something good. Decided not to go see Diva Fever- it shall be super busy and full of people who are in love with them, and i'm not (': so i shall be shopping with one friend whilst the others go off to see them. Have to be ready for half nine in the morning, and i havent even decided what to wear- its always the hardest part. I'm taking my camera, but don't really know if i shall get any pictures-ill try (:
going to head off to bed so that i can get up in the morning (x lets hope i'm better by then.
Nicole xox

Thursday, 13 January 2011

i'd catch a grenade for ya.

i was off school yesturday and today, i'm super ill ): really sore throat yesturday and today my nose is running like a tap! (bit too much information i know;sorry) anyways. yesturday we went to the metro,(shopping centre) because i needed to buy some tracksuit bottoms for school- i got some from h&m which are pretty awesome, so happy that ill no longer have to wear my mummys adidas ones, since ive been losing weight they're kinda to big. We also tided the whole house yesturday which killed me and think it made me worse today, at least the house is tidy? Today i woke up feeling worse than ever but still got ready for school because i feel so bad missing time off- my mum told me i wasn't allowed to go, BUT my dad booked tickets for myself and my little sister to go and see Rhianna! i'm super excited although it's not till next november- i love the girl. i havent done anything more today because i'm too ill but i did take some pictures- and i'm sorry for how horrible i look, on some of the pictures my sister says i look like i'm crying; well my eyes were watering.

thanks to my sister for the pictures. Saturday i'm hoping to be going into newcastle to meet diva fever  with friends or maybe just a friend- and hopfully get some needed shopping done!
goodbye for now!
Nicole xox

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

'i still believe- it's you and me till the end of time!'

there is a lot going on in my life at the moment /: well not really just a load of school crap & DAD problems. Well tonight i went to graphics revision, because i'm kinda doing really bad in graphics, we did a moc test last week and i got a D /: it's the only class i'm actually doing bad in which is really annoying. Revision kinda helped actually, i'm hoping to do much better in my actual exam which is like the 21st AH! a good friend of mine supplied me with a photography book today, which i was super greatful for. Em i has an outfit post, i don't edit my pictures and to be honest i don't think even the best editors in the world could actually make my pictures look good, i'm hoping the book my friend gave me will help! :)

(dress-converse,tights-primarks,shoes-newlook,earrings-vintage;great grandma betty rip<3)
ha yeh..i kinda just threw all of this on& then after taking the pictures took it all back off and got into my pjs. The shoes aren't actually mine because i can't walk in high heels or wear them because i'm pathetic (': but i bloody love them! my mum bought them when we went to my dads cousins wedding; i love being the same shoe size as my mum. hope you've all had a good start to the weeek!
Nicole xox

Sunday, 9 January 2011

sorry about the last couple of posts they have been super boring & slightly depressing. i'm in a pretty good mood today because- I WENT ICE SKATING! ahh yep. i used to go to lessons on a saturday/sunday and well we have been since early in 2010, and we went back today after texting our old private coach and she gave us all the details, i was slightly worried we wouldn't be able to get there as it snowed over night D: but we did and it was great! i enjoyed it so muchh! can't wait to go back next weekend. anyways, i thought i would do an outfit post today becausse i was super bored and wanted to keep my mind off of my homework. This isn't what i wore to go ice skating- but i changed once i goot back so her you go :

skirt-f21knitted vest-vintage-grandad's.
yep.. i have such stumpy leggs, not really the best for ice skating, but ill live. & the close up on my eyebrows is awful because my eyebrows fail (x
ha, well thats all. hope you've all had a good weekend.
Nicole xox

Saturday, 8 January 2011

uhh ohhh..

you know when someone promises to do something, but then doesn't. so your left feeling upset. great i know /:
Nicole xox

Thursday, 6 January 2011


sorry, but no pictures today, i had no were/no time to take them. SORRY for no post yesturday- i know i'm so bad, but i was at my grandmas and you see because i had homework she sat and watched me like a hawk to make sure i did nothing else but homework :') - i love my grandma. Today was another super boring day at school, apart from the conversations in which i have with my friends i have to say they're far from boring!
Oh yeh.. i'm supposed to be doing revision right now, i'm doing a graphics exam tommorow- and i'm kinda doing really bad in graphics so revision is soooooooooo important. ( i promise i will get to doing some more revision after ive finished updating you lovely lot) The puppies are doing great! they're eating real food now, which means they're getting closer to leaving which like really upsets me! urgh.
so yep, i promise the weekend will bring you some better posts ha!
love you all,
Nicole xox

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

first day back.

i guess it's always the same. depressing day and your super tired. i went to sleep quite 'early' & thought i was going to have a great nights sleep, but no my sister decided to wake me twice -.- i mean she was off today yet she had to wake me up urgghh! but i'm sorry about the last post and how depressing it was, i have pictures of my cardigan and some other random shots of myself :D so here you go :

 so yeh.. today was crap, tommorow is likely to be the same /: hope you all have a good week!
Nicole xox

Monday, 3 January 2011

i'm not in the best of moods today and i can't decide why, either because i'm still ill or just tired. i was woke mby my grandma this morning at 10:40 i think i was slightly annoyed at myself for staying in bed that long, but the bed at her house is so flipping comfy. AHH! i know why i'm so grumpy.. i have school tommorow. i hate the place and i have so much to do before tommorow it's unreal.. it's now 18:26 and i'm blogging when i should be doing homework, no change there right? anyways i have no pictures today, because i'm all moody. but my grandma did finish my cardigan, and i bloody love it! its an aran cardigan, it's like the one i got from my Grandad, well took from my grandad after he died; but it's a different colour and isn't bobbly :) she's making me a jumper next, but she is making my sister a load of stuff before that so i may have it for my birthday! (22nd march!) thats all i have to say to you lovely lot, hope you have all had a great start to the new year!
Nicole xox

Saturday, 1 January 2011



so i hope you all had a good night last night and your all feeling okay today. For me last night was spent mostly asleep, then ate a little and was asleep by 11:30, i did try to stay awake- but my ear was killing me so much. i woke up this morning and felt a little better, it feels like i'm on a plane when you take off/land and your ears pop! but it's like constant and ive had it all day. today was spent at my grandparents, we ate ham sandwhiches and then the rest of the christmas pudding with rum sauce YUM! my grandma also gave myself and my sister some "stuff", she put on the floor a load of: boxes/jewlery boxes,earrings, necklaces and  two broches. She told us we could have what we wanted, so i took all the earrings and three boxes: All of it is so vintage and i love everything.

some of the things in which i got were my great grandma's who sadly passed aways so it's great to have something to remind me of her. 
& this is what i wore today :)

ha, everything i'm wearing is my new stuff from yesturdays post (:
all pictures were taken by my little sister; Charlotte. She was super cute,telling me how i should stand/sit! 
i love my little sister!
Nicole xox