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Friday, 31 December 2010

happy new year :)

so yeah.. december 31st already? can you believe it? so much has happened this year, some good - others bad. LOTS of people shall be partying and celebrating the start of the new year, where as i shall be in the house, yay! i'm planning on eating a whole lot of ice cream - well thats if i feel any better, i feel so dizzy :( urgh.. it's horrible i feel as if i'm going to faint, i don't know why D:
anyways, i went shopping today and bought some new clothes- i was planning on doing an outfit post of what i wore to go shopping, but ever since i got in ive been sat in my new clothes so its an outfit post of what i got, all in the sale may i add :) so here you go :

trousers- Select- £7! 
i also bought:

ahh i'm sorry this is such a long post but i have pictures of the puppies :)


 Buster&Ellie&Molly's nose :)


So there you go, my little puppies. They were so hard to photograph, they can walk and stuff now so they wouldn't keep still, but i did it!
Nicole xox

Thursday, 30 December 2010

up close and personal...

...with a christmas preasent from my friend! (Rebecca)
well, for christmas,  Rebecca bought me a Pixie Lott ticket - her mummy also gave me a gift set thingy ^^. Anyways, when i went to drop off her preasent; on christmas eve, she handed me another gift- it was for myself & my sister. It was a photo album of pictures from Pixie Lott it's super cute, and i felt the need to show it you all! enjoy:

eee.. ill keep it forever, i just love it! today i spent bored, and being lazy ha! then i felt bad and tidied the whole kitchen! washed the floor and everything :') then i went in the bath, and now i'm sat in the living room with my pjs on. i just randomly took a picture of my dog and my hair- because my hair today looks really nice, it's super curly and i havent even touched it!

HA! what a crappy picture, i'm sure you'll live. Do you agree when i say, alfie looks pretty miserable on that picture? hm.. i think it's because he has been split from Molly for such a long time- isn't our fault, Molly wont have him near them! Oh and we I named the puppies! (Buster,Jackson,Ellie & Poppy) i shall show you a picture of each one another time, there super big now, and i don't know what ill do when they're gone. Urgh.. febuary don't come too fast ):
anyways, have a good night!
Nicole xox

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

traumatized, i tell you.

yesturday, some day that was. We went out for some lunch and well whilst sitting-waiting, this lady who was super drunk, said to me and my dad 'you look too happy, are you newly married?'
i think i died inside, it was either a compliment to my dad or an insult to myself, and considering people think my dad is 40 when he's only 35, i think it was an insult. Then she showed us a doll, which you pulled and it said '---- you!' hm /: she also called my useless, and i was like her daughter. She was lovely honestly.
so now, i'm traumatized that i look like a 40 yr old woman.
that night i spent- eating sweets, watching films, sitting with my doggy urgh..
today has been spent doing the same in all honesty. i was also looking for a littler camera bag, some new trousers, tracksuit bottoms and pc games. so now you know my life story :D
i will now share with you some pictures that i took yesturday, enjoy:

good afternoon, lovelys.
Nicole xox

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

shopping :)

yesturday, i ventured out to go shopping with my little sister, we took the bus and basically for the first three hours just looked round for a place to eat because everywhere was so full!
the first shop we went to was 'build a bear' we spent £40! ha! then we ate and bought books, so i shall show you what i bought:

i was sooooooooooooooo HAPPY that i got the Gok Wan book, super happy- i love that guy.
i had a great christmas, did you?
and i got my camera! (canon 400d)
goodbye for now :)
Nicole xox

Sunday, 26 December 2010

christmas/boxing day in pictures :)



hope you all had a great christmas, alike myself.
Nicole xox