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Thursday, 9 December 2010

no comment..

the puppies are fine by the way and all doing extremely well.
i hate school. it's so crap at the moment, everyone's changed, i was away for like two weeks and everyone's different which is bloody well annoying. i finish a week tommorow for the christmas holidays and i can't bloody wait. 17th december please come quick! it's the same day i go to see Pixie Lott, i'm not sure i even like here anymore but Alex Gardener ;) he's the support act and i saw him when i went to see SFG and he's amazing and absolutley gorgeous. so today after school i was made to pick up my sister and it was horrible because there hasn't been any snow here for well over a week so the old snow has just turned to ice and i was bloody slipping all over. TIP- Military boots from Primark are crap in the snow.
i'm sat with my sister watching some coronation street clips, cause it's the 50th aniversary :) my mum and dad are out. Alfie's in the kitchen, Molly's in the Office with the puppies.
OHHH! & we're trying to decide on names for the puppies, we have a HUGE list but if you have any idea's please leave a comment, i would be greatful!
Nicole xox

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