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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Erik Stensland

Hey , so this is the first edition to the photography blog, i hope you all like it, after hours of research this is just some of the information i have come up with. I enjoyed so much reseraching this man, i loved it, so i hope i get a great response and that i shall continue in the future to wright this blog. Instead of doing homework last night this is what i did :)
So Erik is a nature photographer, I decided to take a look of some of his work, and i have to say he is amazing, the colours that he captires within his pictures is just purely stunning. So the collection of images in which i looked at are from 'Morning Light' and these pictures are described as showing the 'beauty of the world' and believe me thry sure do. The lighting in his pictures is astonishing, i have fallen in love with his work immediatlry. I normally go for simplistic images within my own photography normally only focusing on one object but within Erik's photography he has many different objects ( maybe not the correct word in this context) also in most of his pictures he has layers and layers of colour, I think this is what attracted me to this photographer the most. In my own photography i normally have only the central piece which is often a vibrant colour and then the background is basic as possible so it doesn't take to much attraction awat from the main focus, however in his pictures he manages to use a variety.range of colour and still manage to creat a great shot. So among this website are thousands of his images, he has them from all over the globe, and i'm just simply going to choose images from the united kingdom because thats were i am from, but if you would like to look at some more of his work ( i would strongly advise) visit:

i think this images is stunning, i love how he has captured a load of colours, and it looks amazing, creating a perfect shot.

Again a variety of colours, this image looks so gentle whilst fun.

wow, thats all i can say, this image in my eyes is stunning.

This has to be my favorite image of them all, i think this image almost looks cartoonish, but maybe it's only me who thinks that. I believe there is a difference in this picture to otheres, this image has a main focus (light house) and it looks stunning, but he doesn't then decide what i would do and go for a very basic background to enable the lighthosue to stand out, he assures that he has layers of colours added. Truley stunning.

So that's all for this one, hope you've enjoyed it! :)
I sure did enjoy research, i find this so much fun, i think this is what i'm going to do from now on. If anyone has any recommendations on photographer then please inform me, I'd love new ideas.
Ohh and just to tell you all i found my phone, it fell out of my pocket in French, oh and i had R.E revision to night which was a whole load of fun, i now like R.E! :)
until next time,
Nicole x

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


so i was thinking if i have a themed blog, maybe this will improve my popularity as a blogger. I'm a huge fan of photography so i thought that could be my theme. PHOTOGRAPHY. as well as updating you on some of my favorite photographers i could also get some useful info on photography :)
Unfortunatley i don't have anymore of my own photo's to add because i don't have a camera, unless i peersuade my grandad to let me use his for a while until christmas, i doubt thats going to happen, but ill try :)
i just have to apologise for lieing i didn't actually think this myself, someone read my blog and informed me if i have a theme this could help.
i can't wait to get started now :)
until next time.

'and the week just got worse,'

Hello :)
back to bore you, school was rubbishy nothing excited happened apart from a kid getting kicked out of school for going through someones personal belongings and steeling there phone, and i was told i have two exam/tests next tuesday, the joy of school.
i was walking out of school in the normal way, pulling my ipod out of my pocket and putting some tunes on, i don't know why but i normally have oasis playing whilst walking from school to the bus.. but anyway.. i then went to get my phone from my pocket and it wasn't there! i didn't know what to do, i thought maybe i just put it in my bag after p.e so, i walked to the bus, sat down and looked through my bag, i think i elbowed the girl sitting next to me in the process, ill say sorry, promise.
ive lost my phone :(
devistated, i don't know why really because i never really use it, i just like to have it in my left pocket. i'm going to go on a mission for it tommorow in school, though its probably been picked up and stolen forever! the thought of someone going through my texts and images.. urgh.
i was watching tv this morning, and i was watching day break, and well they came on with the news about the australlia's next top model thingy, if you didn't know.. basically the host of australlia's next top model got it wrong and said that one girl won, then a little while later was informed she got it wrong and it was actually the other girl! mega cringe. golly imagine that, you'd got to the final and were over the moon that you'd just won, then your told, actually you're not the winner D:
i feel sorry for the poor girl.
tonight, i think i'm going to get some homework done, i have no idea what homework i have but i assure you ill have some, i have revision too so i may do that, there is nothing to do nowadays, and no one comes on 'msn' during the week so there is no one to talk to, are they don't come on till later tonight anyway..
86 days till my camera people! get excited i know i am!
as soon as i have it there will be like a hundred pictures on here everyday ^^
canon 400D :') i love you.
soo i have nothing else to say.
till next time.
Nicole x

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Hey :)
my mum is off to see the one and only Michael Bublé tonight, and ive never been so jealous. He is just perfect. Everything about him gives me butterflies.(yes i have realised the age difference) I'm left home alone, with my sister as always, my dads taking advantage of tonight to and he's of out so i'm home.
I have homework to do though, and a load of it. School is so stressful. i have a french piece to write for tommorow, and i just don't understand it at all, we have to describe our best friends, so if anyone would like to help i'd be greatful ^^ ahaa.. i'm only joking, i will get to it eventually, i also have to finish some geography work, but thats okay, if i make this piece of work really good i may be able to talk to some children from INDA! and yes i actually really want to, endless questions i would like to ask them, only problem i would have is we have to like skype and i would constantly be depressed over the way i look, but once i start talking i'm sure it would be okay. Ehhh.. i hate ICT, we have started our course work which goes towards 60% of our overall mark, so i'm getting really worried, because i'm not understanding it to well, and i find it really boring, so i believe thats one of the GCSE's i shall fail :/
i was made to run.
i hate running, i have really bad knees so if i wanted to i could of realistically got out of it, but i did it :D proud?
i have nothing much else to tell you about, i'm sorry my posts are so boring at the moment, but its all schoolschooschool, i promise i shall try make it more exciting.
Till next time,
Nicole x

Monday, 27 September 2010

a day in the life of Nicole Martin.

Hello again.
i'm back to bore you :)
so today was ultra boring, i had to get up at 5:30 am ... how do i do it? you ask... with great difficulty. Hmm..i got to go back to bed till ten past six which wasn't too bad i guess. Had a naff day at school, well rubbish lessons is what i mean by that, though i did get called an Emo D:
'My name is Nicole Louise Martin, I'm an Emo and i'm in love with Jake Harris!'
yes, thats what i got out of today, my identity. It's not true of course, i'm not emo, and Jack Harris is ultra cute but two years younger. Bless, that reminds me i must say sorry to him tommorow :/
I'm going to end this post with a few pictures of my photography please do tell me what you think,
thats all for now D:
until next time,

Nicole x

Sunday, 26 September 2010

the walk to nowhere.

hello again
sorry for two blogs in one day, i wont bore you for too long this time.
Just thought i'd share some pictures.
there actually already on my friends blog, but i stole them, sorry Rebecca!
so here you go enjoy :) 

i did actually take some of theese images.
images contain : Me, Little sister;Charlotte,Rebecca,Molly&Alfie.
Till next time.
Nicole x

new start.

I believe a new start is needed for me, and i'm starting it by making a new blog.
sooo.. hello :)
i'm nicole.

i'm 14.
i love to write, i love photography, the world is sucgh a beautiful place, don't you think?
take a look around you, you see? look closely; it's amazing really.
my judgement on life?
hurm... i don't know.
i love my life, i do; however i hate my life. Confused? ahaa.. yes i agree.. i'm a very confusing person. Looking back at my life it's been pretty amazing, but there has been elements which i would have loved to change, telling someone 'i love you' more than i have. So many things i have done and regret, people say they wouldn't change there life one bit, i would love to and i'm going to.
i want to become a more confident person, whilst writing, i am able to fully express myself and i love it! I'm a really shy person, and i normally keep everything locked up inside, but i find by writing, i can say anything.
So basically this blog is about ME!
if you don't want to know about me then don't read it?
i will include pictures of my life, storys and everything else!
i will tell you everything.
Counting down till christmas:
ahaa.. yes i will have a countdown on this blog, to inform you of how many days it is till the happy holiday! i can't wait, i get my new camera :') i can't wait! seriously i literally can't wait D:
i don't have a camera at the moment, and i hate it, ive been using my grandads a little, and i love it so i'm planning on getting the same (Canon 400D) ive also used my friends hers is pretty awesome too, though i don't know the name (
My life:
i have another blog which you can find some old information about me if you'd like to :)
hurmm.. this weekend, i have my friends Rebecca staying over, she has a blog too and ive included a link to her blog further up in this post, please have a look? :)
we had an awesome night :) eating loads, staying up late, being stupid and watching movies!
i havent had a sleepover in ages so it was nice.
all of saturday i had to spend claning up though, it was some effort but it was worth it.
I'm in year 10 at school and ive done 1 GCSE already in maths i got an A and i'm happy with it, i also got an A* in some science coursework i did, it was on cannabis and i was interested in the topic, so i think this helped me a bit. Ive been having a hard time at school recently loads of homework, and ive fallen out with a person who used to be a good friend. I think i'm growing up to quick, the main reason i fell out with her is because i find her so immature, does this mean ive grown up to fast or she is just genually immature.. i don't know xD
listening to music at the moment; Marina and the diamonds.
what kind of music do i like?
i like all music! well most, i don't have just one genre in which i like, i love screamo and i love pop ^^ 
i'm strange :)
i'm so sorry, i will stop boring you now, but i will be back to bore you some more tommorow? please do follow, and i promise you some amazing stuff, thankyou so much in advance, if you comment or even follow!
Till next time.
Nicole x