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Wednesday, 29 September 2010


so i was thinking if i have a themed blog, maybe this will improve my popularity as a blogger. I'm a huge fan of photography so i thought that could be my theme. PHOTOGRAPHY. as well as updating you on some of my favorite photographers i could also get some useful info on photography :)
Unfortunatley i don't have anymore of my own photo's to add because i don't have a camera, unless i peersuade my grandad to let me use his for a while until christmas, i doubt thats going to happen, but ill try :)
i just have to apologise for lieing i didn't actually think this myself, someone read my blog and informed me if i have a theme this could help.
i can't wait to get started now :)
until next time.


  1. Cute blog, I follow you..if you like, visit my bog :)

  2. thankyou so much.
    and i will do! :)

  3. Thanks for the blog love Nicole :) And thanks for looking at my work!