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Thursday, 28 October 2010

shopping! :)

so we went shopping today :) holiday clothes you see, so happy with my purchaces.. so here is what i bought :

all of that came to like £19^^, all of the sales were on! uber awesome.
ive purchased some more stuff off ebay too, so when they come i shall show you all!
had a great day today honestly, we left the house at about 10:30, then got there, and we went into debenhams, and i was spraying all of the perfumes as you do, i smelled lovely :) (Gucci Flora;)) then we went into new look, then h&m and primark, suprisingly i didn't get anything from primark, i did try on a denim jump suit, but was too big :( and they had no smaller ones so i wasn't impressed. Hehe we also went into boots to buy a drink, and we were walking out and we saw a lady, and her hair was like.. urm.. lets say it looked like she has just been struck with 10000000000volts, was so funny, and i kinda stated laughing histerically in the midle of the shopping centre.. then my mum called me nasty :(
After all that, we went out for some lunch.. and we went too.... TGI FRIDAYS! (nomnom) oh gosh, it was bloody lovely, the food in there is so nice but so high in calories, i had a chicken finger blt, lmao scrummy!
Then we was on our was home, and there was a lady following us with a squished hamster in the front of her car.. yes you did read correctly A SQUISHED HAMSTER it was stuffed ofcourse ^^
thats all i have done today though.. apart from buying stuff on ebay, ive bought a playsuit and a pair of denim high waist shorts, i'm not sure if ill ever wear them, because they're uber short and i hate my legs, but maybe just maybe i will :D
2 weeks till i go to florida tommorow!
i really can't wait, i just know these two weeks, will go by uber slow, well actually its two weeks tommorow until i go to London, i don't fly till 2 weeks saturday, but my holiday starts 2 weeks tommorow okay ^^
well i'm watching Celebrity juice, with my doggys, and my little sister is asleep on the sofa D: she has been asleep since like 5! but yehh..i'm bored, and Alfie keeps barking at the wind! i mean what does he expect me to do, honestly he's so silly, but i love him!
anyways i'm going to go now!
Nicole xox

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

obsessed with the Wii Fit, officially! :)

so yeh.. i got up this morning and did an hours worth of stuff on the wii fit, loads of yoga! my knee's were shaking when i finished x) but i feel good now, it really wakes you up! i hate it at the same time though because my little dude person is so fat :l i'm at risk of overweight ): my bmi is like 25! blehh.. ill live, and i supose if i keep up my wii fit stuff i may be okay, i'm eating better to! so if all goes well i may be an ideal weight, before florida, and then ill come back and ill be obease! ^^
i took some photo's of myself, well my sister did, of what i wore today, just to show you my everyday wear, enjoy the poor quality images taken by a 10 year old girl! :

ha i also took some images of my little sister :

x) ohh and i forgot to mention, me and my sister now have our own living room, we have the wii, playstation and sky so it's awesome, so me and my sister decided to make it our own.. and to do that we are sticking posters on one of the walls, it's not even nearly finished but here it is so far:
i love it! i can't wait to see it finished.
thats all i have to tell you today,
till next time
Nicole xox

Monday, 25 October 2010


this is what i do when i get bored :) made on polyvore! amazing website :) just some of the items of clothing i need! :')

if i said "i'm never bored," i'd be lying.

ive had a pretty good day today, i was sick of sitting on my laptop bored, so i actually found something to do ; I played on the wii! (wii fit plus) i enjoyed it, did lots of stuff... went to my grandma's house to and played on there wii! pretty good day! did over 2 hours of stuff, according to the wii, but it seemed like a whole lot more than that. ive decided i'm going to play on it everyday, because i feel great, and it's exersize. 
anyone else watch the xfactor? i get annoyed everytime i watch it, i only watch it for Aiden <3 & Cher, they're both amazing, but that bloody Wagner.. urghh.. he annoys me to death he makes me want to cry, he annoys me just as much as Jedward!
i'm going on holiday soon! ^^
honestly, i can't wait, i go to london on 12th November, and then fly the following afternoon, i'm going to London on the train, which i'm pretty excited about, and then flying on a VIRGIN plane :') i love virgin x) it's awesome, it's the only airline i feel safe flying with, i have no worries are nothing, i don't really know why. I'm off to Florida for all of you who don't know, so i'm having to be uber tight on money, because i want to have a huge shopping trip there, thats why i haven't been on a proper shopping trip in ages! :'( but it'll be worth it once i'm there, all the lovely  clothes i'm planning on buying! i was looking on the internet, and there is a H&M + Zara, and i remember from previous years that there is a Gap and a shop called Journeyz which i love, so i'm so excited! I'm also excited because the new harry potter world is open, and last time we were there it was still in the process of being built, so that will be pretty exciting.
update on little alfie:
he's fine, honestly, i couldn't believe it! he's jumping around playing as if nothing even happened, he's currently really annoying me walking across my keyboard, urgh.. but his ear is still in the proccess of heeling, ive had a look and it doesn't look too bad, there are quite a few cuts D: but he's fine which is the good thing.
my little sister went to her little friends party, and she had to go as her favorite actress or singer, and well she went as... CHER! (from xfactor) i did her make-up and hair :')
her make-up was really vibrant with a load of black eyeliner, and her hair can only be described as.. BIG! ha.. she looked pretty good, apart from the fact my sister has red hair, and Cher has brown hair. 
i spent most of the day on the wii, and at my grandma's house :) 

nothing else to inform you on, but thankyou for the comments!
puts a smile on my face!
till next time,
Nicole xox
aiden :')

Saturday, 23 October 2010


well i'm bored, so i thought i'd write a post :)
i had a rubbish day, as thought, played on the wii at my grandmas and at home, chuffed when i did my body test, ive lost loads of weight since the last time i was on and my wii fit age was 14 :') i was chuffed.
something horrible did happen today though..
molly took off a piece of alfies ear! she's quite vicious you know, they started fighting nastly and i was like aahhhh! jumped to the rescue and then noticed i was covered in blood, then looked at my little alfie and he was bleeding all over, his ear was litterally squirting blood, he was covered, he was no longer just a black and white doggy he was a black, white and RED! he was walking round the room getting blood all over the walls he wouldn't keep still! there was no way he was going to let us touch it.. he still wont.. it's been hours since the insodent and he's still covered in blood because he wont let you touch it :( he smells nasty.. i will get a hold of him in the morning, i couldn't believe it! but yeh.. thats all.. ohh & my little sister started writing a blog, lmao.. made me laugh but she can do what she wants..
at the moment..
i am sitting on the floor with molly lying across me warming me up a lot! and watching bbc three.
ohh did anyone watch piers morgans interview with Cheryl Cole? it was truely touching, i was in tears! she has been through a lot and i found out a load that i didn't already know.. including the fact that she smokes, sorry but that really did suprise me, she only smokes 5 a day though ^^
i think i'm going to watch this episode of family guy and then head off to bed :) i'm super tired. thankyou to the new follower i have! and thankyou for all of the lovely comments they are much appriciated.
Goodnight, sweet dreams.
Nicole xox

Goodmorning :)

So yesterday.. Well people had there opinions on what I was wearing, I was called everything, from someone who is going to ride a horse to a lesbian.. ( apparently I looked like a lesbian because I was wearing a blazer?) but some people did like what I was wearing so I was happy about that. Normally no one comments on what I wear mainly because I used to stuck to the boring usual jeans and converse and a hoodie, boring I know, but everyone had something to say yesterday even the teachers, I had stylish, and teachers liking what I wore and then my French teacher informed me that I looked French..
"criticise all you like, but I'll wear what I want!"
Anyway.. In other news it seemed to be a load of peoples birthday yesterday I was amazed, all the people I had to say happy birthday to on facebook, it was truely shocking. 5 months till my birthday yesterday ^^
I'm so happy I have a week off, i really do need it, however I have a load if homework:/
No Idea what im doing, nothing exciting I dont think.
Till next time,
Nicole xox

Thursday, 21 October 2010

one happy chappy :')

guess what?!
they arrived, my trousers and brogues arrived, ive never been so happy, i can't believe the trousers are here i only ordered them a couple of nights ago, but they're here and i love them, so here are some pictures :) :

this is what i'm going to wear tommorow :) i'm in love with my new purchases, please tell me what you think!
p.s sorry for such poor quality of pictures ^^
till next time,
Nicole xox

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

still waiting..

i was expecting my brogues today, and well no sign of them yet, which is slightly annoying, both the trousers and the brogues have been dispatched, now ive just got to pray, everything gets here by friday! *fingers crossed*
thankyou to the new follower i have, ive just finished the load of homework i needed to do, and decided i would check my blog, it puts a smile on my face to see i have a new follower, but also the comments, i'm so greatful people actually leave comments :)
'what did you do today, miss?'
well i missed three lessons today :') because i do gcse p.e (it does have its up sides, just double th emount of down sides :/) we got to go to the logo sport centre and run the primary childrens athletics competition, it was pretty awesome, apart from when some young child tryed but failed may i add, to through a ball at my head, not even a sorry did i get! honestly x)
hah.. it was pretty funny leaving school, because there is a new p.e teacher (mr woodhouse) and well he took us, and he had never driven the schools mini bus, so he struggled to get it out of the school, it was so funny. We did get there eventually!
ah..but then we had to go back to the dreadful place of school, and well i had a maths exam, it was only a mock but still it was an EXAM! it wasn't too bad, until the 'fit' maths teacher walked in, and i was like, how on earth am i suposed to concentrate with him in the room! he kept walking by me too, i did finish the exam and it wasn't too bad, i can still see myself only getting like a D! 

            'My exam results will spell FUDGE!'

i hasn't done much else today, homework, and now sat here with my little sister and doggys :) ohh the joys of life! we're watching Coraline, and alfie (my puppy) keeps either barking at his reflection in the mirror, or the doggys on the tv, he's mad, but i love him, and there is molly who's going to sleep :')
my life is pretty good if i'm honest :)
thankyou again for the comments and new follower, much appreciated! 
as soon as i get my brogues and trousers, i shall upload a picture, so i can get all of your views on them.
till next time, 
Nicole xox

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

i think i'm happy.

so ive eventually ordered everything for friday.. pheww..
i didn't get the gorgeous trousers from Zara in which i wante, but i got some pretty stunning ones from river island, ive only just ordered them and i'm expecting them for friday? bad idea i know, but ill live. My brogues have been ordered for a couple of days now, so they should be here tommorow ^^
i'm kind of regretting ordering the trousers, because i don't know that they will match, but fingers crossed.
i'm watching don't tell the bride at the moment, i'm so bored, ive done a loa of homework, and i'm fed up. I have a mock maths exam tommorow, and i hav to go help with this little athletic competition in the morning, i'd love the day off.
short post for once :)
till next time,
Nicole xox

Monday, 18 October 2010

'If I could sleep through Mondays, then that would be just bliss!'

Hello :)
today was pretty darn rubbish, one full day of p.e :/ football for three hours, then netball for two, netball wasn't THAT bad if i'm honest x) but i hate mondays, don't you?
i did inform you that i had some pictures to share, so here you go:

they're so random, but all muchly loved x) random shots, which ive taken during last week, again i'm sorry for the picture quality :/
what am i doing right now?
well i have a load of homework to do, so after ive finished writing this post, thats what ill be doing, but i'm sat on my bd at the moment with my doggys ^^ talking to them as if they can actually hear me, and then giving them ther own little accents and speaking back to myself? call me sad, but i like to do it :D
nothing else to say, but thankyou for all the comments! it makes me so happy to see that!
Till next time,
Nicole xox

Sunday, 17 October 2010

busy weekend

Hello :)
so this may be kind of a long blog, an i'm sorry for that but it will contain some interesting stuff!
First of all, i came in from school on friday and my daddy told me he had sorted ebay out for me, and som stuff i wanted to sell was on, yay! and i was so excited, i really need some money! but anyway, this morning i got up and my dad told me someone had bought my violin, i was so happy, even happier when he told me i had over £30 x) ha.. i can tell you're reading this and thinking thats it?
well yeh.. thats it but to me £30 is a lot of money. We are having a non-uniform day this friday at school, and well i don't want to look like a twit, i mean my best friend always looks amazing, she has so many items of clothing, i'm so bloody jealous! thats what the money i make from my stuff on ebay, is going towards, clothes for next friday :) i was looking through my wardrobe, to see if i had anything decent, and i had a few bits and bobs, i decided i would go on an adventure into my mummy and daddys room to see what i could find, and i found this beauty:
 ha, i love it! it's one of my grandads suit jackets, i already have a navy one of his, and then i found this one and its smaller and fits almost perfect, so i think i shall be wearing this :) it's my great grandads jacket actually, we have a load of his clothes because when he moved he didn't have a big enough closet, and i don't really think he misses the clothes all that much, and i mean they are been put to good use, i love having a small grandad ^^ 
but anyway, i was thinking about what i could wear with this, and ive had a look on the interenet, and the decision is, some trousers, a vest and brogues. Currently i have a vest... i need to get some brogues and trousers, i went into my little town of consett to have a look, and i saw some really nice brouges in peacocks and they were only £16 so if i don't find any others it shall be them, ive been looking on ebay too, but havent been very succsessful :/ i shall keep looking, an i have found a load of pairs of trousers which i like, its just choosing th right ones now. When i eventually have everything i shall upload a pic, it will be a rubbishy picture because it will have to be taken on my phone, but ill live until christmas! ( not long now! :'))
So anyways, whilst i was in town yesturday i decided to buy some stuff i needed, my dad payed for it all which was very nice of him! 
i bought:

my hair gets really greasy really quickly, so i heard about this stuff, and it was only like £1:49 from homebargins, and honestly its really good!

i needed some more of this x) never used this brand before, but its the only one they had in the shop so i just got it! bargin at only £1:99 :') 
i also got some deodorant, an some body spray x)
Last boring story i shall bore you with ^^
i went to my dads cousins house, i call her my auntie :'). We go sometimes just for a drink and a bit of a gossip, and well thats what we did, ofcourse i wasn't drinking *winkwink* but as soon as it got dark, we had a fireworks display! it was well good! pretty funny too, i know its not bonfire night yet, but we decided to have a mini one, it was awesome, i shall upload some of the video's, all rubish quality by the way :')


hehe.. so i hope you enjoyed that :) i have some more pictures to share with you, but i shall leave them till later!
Till next time,
Nicole xox

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


wohooo! 10 followers thankyou :')
well i was right for once in my life, tuesday was one hell of a crappy day, again the stupid idiot who will remain unnamed, started saying stuff, though i ignored him. & well i was made to run for 10 mins, and then had to do this fartlek training, which was running up a hill an walking down, and then doing it again and again.. D: well this might not sound so difficult to all of you, but for a big girl like me, it was HARD! x) though the lesson was pretty funny because a random year 11, had to join us, and he doesn't speak english very well, and well he was so bloody funny! and i couldn't stop laughing :')
but urmm.. today was boring too, we did flexibility training and this other training in my gcse p.e thing, so it wasn't too bad, because ill admit i am flexible and i kinda like showing off so that was fun :)
Golly goopers, in graphics we made paper out of paper, what a joy honestly, it was nasty D:
the process:
-rip up pieces of paper.
-put them into a blender and add water and blend.
-put the mush into a washing up bowl and add water.
-then you had two pieces of wood in a square shape, but it was only an outline of th square so there was nothing in the middle, if you get what i mean?
but anways one of the square wood pieces had a piece of material covering the middle, you put the square piece with no fabric on top of the other square piece with fabric and put it into the mush and water.
-then urmm.. you basically put some mush in the middle of the two pieces of wood, and shook it a little, it felt uber nasty )x
-then you take it out of the mush and you remove the top piece of wood, and you should be left with a load of mmush in the shape of a square.
-Next you're suposed to just leave it to try, which woul take forever, but sure put all of ours next to this heater thing, to speed up the process, non of the paper we made was try by the end of the lesson, which was a bummer.
You were aloud to add dried flowers or leaves if you wanted, one group added some perfume ..
but yeah... that was the worst explanation of how to make paper out of paper ever! x)
i'm bored now :( ive invited my doggys up to sit with me in my room, but they wont bloody keep still D: there like walking over my keyboard, and everything, so this post twice the emount of time to write than it normally does x)
i shall go now :)
Nicole xoxo

Monday, 11 October 2010

'and the love kickstarts again!'

Hello :) 
i have nothing exciting, to talk about anymore, my life is uber boring, it's like school, homework, sleep, end. 
honestly, i have no social life at all, i'm so pathetic, i need to get back into ice skating, one to make more friends, and two to loose some bloody weight! 
i promise you all that before i go to Florida, i shall of lost some weight.
todaytodaytoday, what did i do?
well i got up, got ready, went to school, did some 'learning' as you do, got home and 'tidied' my room, an now i'm sat here, on my floor, which isn't very comfy and i'm listening to some tunes :) (Hoosiers-Cops&Robbers) hurm.. i got a good news letter? for getting 3 A's in a row in my English homework ^^ go me.
omg.. i know you shouldn't fall in love with teachers, but i kinda have *bites lip*
:') he's stunning, ive talked to him like once, he was in my IT class, he's one of thoose students who comes into the school, to teach a few lessons, but anyway, i put my hand up, an he walked over, and i was like uhhh ohh, and i went all shy and said, my exact words ' do you know how to delete one of the animation slides?' :$
and then he said 'isn't that it there' pointing out the huge big red button which read 'DELETE!' ohh my gosh, i think i died inside at that point. ( my musics just stopped D:) i felt such an idiot, i did say thankyou to him, so he knows i'm polite. GOD HE'S BLOODY GORGEOUS! XD
there seems to be a load of student teachers in at the moment and two of them are uber stunning! Mr Fox is the nicest, butbutbut.. 
i have nothing to say ^^ well wasn't that good. i want some more followes you know, but it's like who would want to read this blog, some silly little teenager writing about herself? & a teenager who has no life, and a limited number of friends, and falls in love with student teachers.. baha.. who am i kidding, i love the followers i have now, my little crew of 9 :') i love you all lots!
i really do.
(my musics back on :D) so erm.. i may get the chance to talk to Mr fox, tommorow because i have two lessons of IT, tommorow is an okay day i guess :) honestly i say that, and ill go into school and it'll be the worst day ever, i promise you something bad is going to happen to me tommorow.
okay ill leave now, so you can all go read the interesting blogs in which you follow :)
please leave a comment down there though 
ill be greatful :)
thankyou for wasting your time on me.
Till next time,
Nicole xox

Saturday, 9 October 2010

'it's bloody well cold!'

Hey :)
one more follower, thankyou.
well yesturday was boring as ever, two hours of graphics and i was bored to death, and i was getting stressed because Mr Calvit, was forcing me to use Serif Draw plus but i wanted to use 2D design, gosh i'm sure he has something against it, but in graphics we have to create a logo for a healthy take away, mine is just emense xD honestly i shall put a picture of it up, and when you see it, i actually drew the little dude, on the computer ^^
i stayed at my grandmas house last night, i love te bed i have there, and its the beds fault that i stay in bed till 10:50 am o.o i wasn't finished getting dressed till blooming 12! but this morning we sat and booked everything for FLORIDA! i'm going in like.. 35 days ^^ i'm so excited, i really need to save up though because i'm planning on going on a huge shopping trip because i really need some new clothes :( and i love the shops there! ill be happy to get away from the cold weather here too, i'm sick of sitting freezing my little toes off. I took some pictures on my grandads camera today, and well i urmm.. deleted them all! i'm still not sure how i did it, my grandad was trying to explain, and i just nodded along ^^ i do have a few left on, so ill hopefully get them on here tonight,because i'm going back! Ohh and lastly i went out for my dinner :) i had a bacon and chicken salad, the Chicken was just nasty D: but the waiter was rather nice ;) 
i have nothing else to tell you ^^
till next time,
Nicole xox
this is my logo, xD

Thursday, 7 October 2010


you know you see people on here with 100's of followers, but i have my 'crew' of 8 and i love it! well one's actually me soo.. ^^
but thankyouthankyou to the two new people, honestly it's made my day, ive had a pretty rubbishy day, including being called fat, but i'm not going to get into the story, because ill just get upset again..
hm.. well yesturday my mum and dad went shopping without me, (Whilst i was at school) and well the picked me up in my mummys new flash car ^^, an they tol me they had bought me a watch and some nice pj's, sounds okay right?
well then my dad went to fetch the pj's and they were full body suit things, you know the ones i mean, alike what babys wear? they have feet in them and stuff D:
so yeh.. my mum is sick of me complaiing i'm so cold at night, so she has bought me one of thoose, i have it on right now, i have taken some pictures of myself in the pjs on my grandads camera, and i promise to uploa when i can :)
so again THANKYOU! & i'm going to go to bed now, because i have to get up uber early :)
till next time,
Nicole xox

Monday, 4 October 2010


so i think its about 81 days till christmas?
i'm so impatient, i keep hinting for my mum and dad to give me a camera sooner, its really annoying, as soon as my grandad gets home (wednesday) i'm going to run over and get his camera, and take some shots, hopefully!
i'm sorry for like no photography posts, my response to the last one was pretty naffy, so im debating on weither to just not do it, and just upload stuff on my own photography. I'm so sorry for like two posts back; the picture quality i know its horrible.. 2 megapixel for goddness sake.
i'm so busy with school right now, and i'm ube tired, i was such a grump this morning, i walked into school in the worst mood ever! i feel sorry for my best friend (Rebecca) who had to listen to me moan.
my mummy has her new car, and ive fallen in love with it, it's an urm Audi TT in white, its stunning.
enjoy a picture of my mums new car :
this isn't actually her car, but its the same? get me? xD

Saturday, 2 October 2010

pictures :)

ahaa..sorry for this random post. I decide to take LOTS of pictures today with my new phone. So there you go :) hope you enjoyed them. i love the last picture its of Alfie :')
till next time,
Nicole x