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Saturday, 9 October 2010

'it's bloody well cold!'

Hey :)
one more follower, thankyou.
well yesturday was boring as ever, two hours of graphics and i was bored to death, and i was getting stressed because Mr Calvit, was forcing me to use Serif Draw plus but i wanted to use 2D design, gosh i'm sure he has something against it, but in graphics we have to create a logo for a healthy take away, mine is just emense xD honestly i shall put a picture of it up, and when you see it, i actually drew the little dude, on the computer ^^
i stayed at my grandmas house last night, i love te bed i have there, and its the beds fault that i stay in bed till 10:50 am o.o i wasn't finished getting dressed till blooming 12! but this morning we sat and booked everything for FLORIDA! i'm going in like.. 35 days ^^ i'm so excited, i really need to save up though because i'm planning on going on a huge shopping trip because i really need some new clothes :( and i love the shops there! ill be happy to get away from the cold weather here too, i'm sick of sitting freezing my little toes off. I took some pictures on my grandads camera today, and well i urmm.. deleted them all! i'm still not sure how i did it, my grandad was trying to explain, and i just nodded along ^^ i do have a few left on, so ill hopefully get them on here tonight,because i'm going back! Ohh and lastly i went out for my dinner :) i had a bacon and chicken salad, the Chicken was just nasty D: but the waiter was rather nice ;) 
i have nothing else to tell you ^^
till next time,
Nicole xox
this is my logo, xD

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