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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

still waiting..

i was expecting my brogues today, and well no sign of them yet, which is slightly annoying, both the trousers and the brogues have been dispatched, now ive just got to pray, everything gets here by friday! *fingers crossed*
thankyou to the new follower i have, ive just finished the load of homework i needed to do, and decided i would check my blog, it puts a smile on my face to see i have a new follower, but also the comments, i'm so greatful people actually leave comments :)
'what did you do today, miss?'
well i missed three lessons today :') because i do gcse p.e (it does have its up sides, just double th emount of down sides :/) we got to go to the logo sport centre and run the primary childrens athletics competition, it was pretty awesome, apart from when some young child tryed but failed may i add, to through a ball at my head, not even a sorry did i get! honestly x)
hah.. it was pretty funny leaving school, because there is a new p.e teacher (mr woodhouse) and well he took us, and he had never driven the schools mini bus, so he struggled to get it out of the school, it was so funny. We did get there eventually!
ah..but then we had to go back to the dreadful place of school, and well i had a maths exam, it was only a mock but still it was an EXAM! it wasn't too bad, until the 'fit' maths teacher walked in, and i was like, how on earth am i suposed to concentrate with him in the room! he kept walking by me too, i did finish the exam and it wasn't too bad, i can still see myself only getting like a D! 

            'My exam results will spell FUDGE!'

i hasn't done much else today, homework, and now sat here with my little sister and doggys :) ohh the joys of life! we're watching Coraline, and alfie (my puppy) keeps either barking at his reflection in the mirror, or the doggys on the tv, he's mad, but i love him, and there is molly who's going to sleep :')
my life is pretty good if i'm honest :)
thankyou again for the comments and new follower, much appreciated! 
as soon as i get my brogues and trousers, i shall upload a picture, so i can get all of your views on them.
till next time, 
Nicole xox


  1. OhMyGosh same here when he walked in I was like OMG he was giving th paper out and when I got some I couldn't look at him or I'd have got the giggles but I was thinking omg he just touched that he actually touched that the piece of paper my failure of working out will be on! :L xxx