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Wednesday, 13 October 2010


wohooo! 10 followers thankyou :')
well i was right for once in my life, tuesday was one hell of a crappy day, again the stupid idiot who will remain unnamed, started saying stuff, though i ignored him. & well i was made to run for 10 mins, and then had to do this fartlek training, which was running up a hill an walking down, and then doing it again and again.. D: well this might not sound so difficult to all of you, but for a big girl like me, it was HARD! x) though the lesson was pretty funny because a random year 11, had to join us, and he doesn't speak english very well, and well he was so bloody funny! and i couldn't stop laughing :')
but urmm.. today was boring too, we did flexibility training and this other training in my gcse p.e thing, so it wasn't too bad, because ill admit i am flexible and i kinda like showing off so that was fun :)
Golly goopers, in graphics we made paper out of paper, what a joy honestly, it was nasty D:
the process:
-rip up pieces of paper.
-put them into a blender and add water and blend.
-put the mush into a washing up bowl and add water.
-then you had two pieces of wood in a square shape, but it was only an outline of th square so there was nothing in the middle, if you get what i mean?
but anways one of the square wood pieces had a piece of material covering the middle, you put the square piece with no fabric on top of the other square piece with fabric and put it into the mush and water.
-then urmm.. you basically put some mush in the middle of the two pieces of wood, and shook it a little, it felt uber nasty )x
-then you take it out of the mush and you remove the top piece of wood, and you should be left with a load of mmush in the shape of a square.
-Next you're suposed to just leave it to try, which woul take forever, but sure put all of ours next to this heater thing, to speed up the process, non of the paper we made was try by the end of the lesson, which was a bummer.
You were aloud to add dried flowers or leaves if you wanted, one group added some perfume ..
but yeah... that was the worst explanation of how to make paper out of paper ever! x)
i'm bored now :( ive invited my doggys up to sit with me in my room, but they wont bloody keep still D: there like walking over my keyboard, and everything, so this post twice the emount of time to write than it normally does x)
i shall go now :)
Nicole xoxo


  1. i think your daily stuffs is not boring.
    Sounds fun to me though. ^^

    hugs Nicole, life is good =)

  2. oh wow so much drama in your life :( sounds interesting though. pretty awesome blog you have here!


  3. My dog walks all over my keyboard too! Lol. It drives me crazy. Lovely blog! Thanks muuuch for following mine! x

  4. ha.. yeh it does get pretty annoying ^^
    & thankyou :)