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Monday, 11 October 2010

'and the love kickstarts again!'

Hello :) 
i have nothing exciting, to talk about anymore, my life is uber boring, it's like school, homework, sleep, end. 
honestly, i have no social life at all, i'm so pathetic, i need to get back into ice skating, one to make more friends, and two to loose some bloody weight! 
i promise you all that before i go to Florida, i shall of lost some weight.
todaytodaytoday, what did i do?
well i got up, got ready, went to school, did some 'learning' as you do, got home and 'tidied' my room, an now i'm sat here, on my floor, which isn't very comfy and i'm listening to some tunes :) (Hoosiers-Cops&Robbers) hurm.. i got a good news letter? for getting 3 A's in a row in my English homework ^^ go me.
omg.. i know you shouldn't fall in love with teachers, but i kinda have *bites lip*
:') he's stunning, ive talked to him like once, he was in my IT class, he's one of thoose students who comes into the school, to teach a few lessons, but anyway, i put my hand up, an he walked over, and i was like uhhh ohh, and i went all shy and said, my exact words ' do you know how to delete one of the animation slides?' :$
and then he said 'isn't that it there' pointing out the huge big red button which read 'DELETE!' ohh my gosh, i think i died inside at that point. ( my musics just stopped D:) i felt such an idiot, i did say thankyou to him, so he knows i'm polite. GOD HE'S BLOODY GORGEOUS! XD
there seems to be a load of student teachers in at the moment and two of them are uber stunning! Mr Fox is the nicest, butbutbut.. 
i have nothing to say ^^ well wasn't that good. i want some more followes you know, but it's like who would want to read this blog, some silly little teenager writing about herself? & a teenager who has no life, and a limited number of friends, and falls in love with student teachers.. baha.. who am i kidding, i love the followers i have now, my little crew of 9 :') i love you all lots!
i really do.
(my musics back on :D) so erm.. i may get the chance to talk to Mr fox, tommorow because i have two lessons of IT, tommorow is an okay day i guess :) honestly i say that, and ill go into school and it'll be the worst day ever, i promise you something bad is going to happen to me tommorow.
okay ill leave now, so you can all go read the interesting blogs in which you follow :)
please leave a comment down there though 
ill be greatful :)
thankyou for wasting your time on me.
Till next time,
Nicole xox

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