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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

more pictures!

i'm having such a great time out here, which explains why i havent posted much- LOADS has happened since the last time, ive had my nails done, we went mickey's merry christmas and a lot more. We went shopping the other day and ive bought a black dress from converse and a GORGEOUS coat from F21, i love  that shop it's super awesome and the prices are amazing, ill defonatley be going back before the end of my holiday.
till next time,
Nicole xox

Thursday, 18 November 2010


ha, so here is some more pictures its just a few, my computer is being idiotic and wont let me upload any more so this is all i can show you for now. My holiday so far has been amazing, we went to see the new harry ptter castle in universal, and honestly i was literally speechless i couldn't believe how good it was, i shall try to upload some picutres of the castle later on today. BUT today we are going to disney, well not till 4pm it's Mickey's very merry christmas, and i'm uber excited, i may be like 14 but when it comes to things like this i'm very alike a 5 year old  (': ohh and yesturday i won a teddy! it's an elephant actually, you paye $5 and this dude would either guess your age, weight or month you were born, so i did it and asked him to guess my age, he said 15, which was uber close but not correct i was chuffed! :D
anyways, tommorow i think we're going shopping so that should be fun!
goodbye for now!

Nicole xox

Sunday, 14 November 2010

so far...

hey, so today we went to Universal Studios and i took a few pictures, well a lot, but i kinda lost a load by accident, my grandad even agreed it wasn't my fault, so here is what i took :

Nicole xox