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Monday, 1 November 2010

'Nicole you look like Eliza doolittle, in a good way!'

em.. so hey.
today i was informed that i look like Eliza Doolittle..
well.. i don't in anyway think that its a bad person to be told i look like, but i can't agree, i don't have curly hair? i'm not even nearly as pretty? and i don't think her eyes are as big as mine..  
do you think i look like Eliza Doolittle?
ha.. there was one girl who thinks i look better x) no way..
but yeh.. it was the first day back today, and i got up late! 7:15 i normally get up a 6! i had to rush in the shower and everything, i didn't have time to dry my hair, so i just pulled it up, quite high on my head in a bun, i didn't think it looked that bad, but i was named many things, and one girl offended me.. by saying my hair looked greasy, MY HAIR IS WASHED EVERY DAY! TWICE A DAY IF NEEDED! it was only because my hair was wet, because my hair is so thick it takes forever to dry, so the whole day of school it was wet /:

Oh i go on holiday soon, and i'm kinda scared, i always have a slight worry about flying because of th obvious, but lately because bad things have been in the news it has made me extra nervous, i know it's silly but i can't help it, i worry /: but i'm really excited about the holiday, i really can't wait just kina dreading all of the traveling, i have to go on a train for three hours, and then go on a tube for a while, then a plane for like 9 hours are something, i hate it all.. i try to sleep alot to stop myself worrying but that often fails, i try to think positive.. but you know..

oh also my playsuit arrived today, it's coral with white polka dots, it's lovely, and looks nice on, i really like it, i only payed like £4 from ebay! and it's so nice! i shall post a picture when the shorts come too.. i can't wait to see them..
more good news:
well ive kinda wanted an aran cardigan for ages! and ive looked and looked but haven't found the right one, then thought 'ohh my grandma knits' so yeh i went to see her and asked if she could knit me one and she was like really excited about the whole situation, she ran and got her patters for me to have a look through, and i picked it, but i don't know when it will be ready, my granma is coming on holiay with us and she says it probably won't be done for then, but i don't care, i really can't wait! i love my grandma, i also picked out some other knitted items, there was a vest, a jumper and a few other different styled cardigans and she said that she may knit some more for me ahhh :') uber uber happy i am!

so rumours were going round where i live that they had been a murder, there has been a load of helicopters an police forensic fans around were i live, so i wanted to actually find out what happened, gosh the stories at school, some people just said they heard there had been a murder end of, but people were saying that there was a man running around half naked and all this jazz, so i was pretty intrigued to actually find out what happened! yeh.. i got home and my dad looked on the internet and said, a 15 yr old and a 17 yr old had beat up a 21yr old and he had head injuries and he's in hospital, and the helicopters are looking for the two guys... ^^
i have a full day off time table, and i'm doing tennis all day! i really can't wait, i get to use my own tennis racket, which i do love :')

i must thank my two new followers and thankyou for the comments ;)
Nicole xox


  1. no you are you.
    You're beautiful for who you are nicole.