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Monday, 8 November 2010

life goes on...

so i'm sorry about the posts lately all depressing and stuff but my grandad is my grandadd, and i'm upset that he's gone :(
but i promise that the next blogs will be nicer to read!
so when i get some time i'm going to do a post of all of the lovely clothes i got from my grandads closet, there is a lot and it'll take a bit of time so i'll try to get it done before friday when i go on my holidays!
ha yeh i can't believe it i'm going to the USA saturday! i say my holiday starts on friday though because thats the day i go to London, i think i need this holiday to get over the horrible news i had the last week. I'm so damn excited, but i have to go to my grandads funeral friday morning :( which is horrible, but i wasn't going on holiday without saying my final goodbye.
so yeh.. ill try to get the photo's taken, and upload them asap :)
love you all!
Nicole xox
p.s Thankyou to Kenzie Faith for the comment on my last post it's nice to know, someone has been through what i'm going through xx

1 comment:

  1. :) No problem! I'm excited to see your photos! Where are you coming to in the US?

    KF x