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Sunday, 14 November 2010

welcome to Orlando!

so last night i arrive in Orlando! :)
ha.. but the journey to get here was so flipping tiring.
well friday morning as you all may know i had to go to my Grandad's funeral, well that was an experience, we had to go to my grandma's to get in the funeral cars, and as soon as i walked into her house and saw the flowers which read ; 'Grandad' & 'Dad' i burst into tears, then when the cars arrived i saw the coffin, and as you may have guessed i was set off again; i couldn't believe how small the coffin was. We arrived at the church andbecause i was sat in the funeral car i was like at the front of the church D: and i just kept looking at the coffin and i was in histerics i was real bad, my mum was telling me i needed to calm down because i couldn't breathe properly, i was hoping to be able to read a poem at the funeral, but that plan failed i couldn't say one word never min a whole flipping poem. i was pretty annoyed that day because a certain people came who in my opinion shouldn't of been there, my grandad wouldn't of wanted them there, i really wanted to say something to her, i was so annoyed. but after the church people headed of to the crem, but i didn't want to go; i didn't want to put myself through that, so i went to my other grandma's whilst everyone else continued on to the crem. They had a little 'party' i don't really know what to call it after it all, so i went and met some people ive never seen in my life; family i never knew, so that was good :)
OHHH also that morning my mum picked a white feather off of my shoulder, and for all who didn't know thats supposed to mean you have a gardian angel, i found it amazing that the day of the funeral we found that; when i was on holiay in turkey we also found a white feather on my shoulder so i belive my grandad & nana are my gardian angel's and that makes me feel great to be honest.
HA! so anyway.. after that we returned home to get ready and then went on our first train for like three hours, and there was an annoying irish girl then we had to go on a subway which was horrible, hot, busy urgh.. then we had to get on a final train to the airport .. BUT before we got on the final train there was this dude who kept looking at me and then we both caught each others eyes and he smiled :') baha.. ill never see him again -.-
We stayed in a hotel over night then got our plane saturday afternoon, i was annoyed because on most VIRGIN planes you get a console and you can play games; but this one you didn't ;/ but i did watch Eclipse which ive wanted to see for ages, and is an amazing film, GOSH Edward/Robert is soooooo good looking :')
but yeh.. we arrived last night, got to the hotel, went to walmart, went to get some tea and chilli's were i had a childrens macaroni cheese which was yummy, but i didn't eat much because i wasn't hungry (:
We have been up since 4:15 lmao.. yeh we couldn't sleep it's now like 7:30am , we can't decide wether we are going to sea world or Universal! well excited (:
ahh and i'm wearing my playsuit today, and i bought some new shades at walgreens, which are red an uber awesome, i'm also sat in my grandads aran cardigan because i'm bloody cold.
ha.. yeh so ive found out i will be able to blog this holiday because we have wireless in the hotel room! & i can take some uber awesome pics because i have my grandads camera! AHHH! this is going to be one great holiday and like my friend said i deserve it after whats just happened.
so yeh.. bye for now :)
Nicole xox


  1. Ah, Your trip seems like it will be very fun! Be sure to take lots of pictures :)

    KF x