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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

'the guy with the balls!'

ha, the title of this blog is something a tennis coach said yesturday, basically we had this tennis dude come in because we are going to get a qualification thingy in tennis, it goes on out cv and everything, thats if we pass it.. but for three hours he taught us how to coach stupid things involving verbally and non-verbal, then we learned the rules of tennis, and on the afternoon we spent two hours filling out a booklet -.- it was uber uber boring, but we got tea and biscuits ! so that made it all better... ohh yeh.. the title.. well we were filling out the booklets and at one point we had to design a poster, asvertising a tennis competition, and well this guy (Andrew) drew tennis balls on his poster, and the tennis guy kept refering to andrew and 'the guy with the balls' it was pretty damn funny.
anyway i have good news! THE SHORTS ARRIVED! i was so happy, i quite like them on too, they're high waisted and look really good with my purple top, with a bitta lace ^^ but yeh.. i said when i got my shorts i would post images of the shorts and the playsuit so here you go:

ha sorry for them being the wrong way round, they don't look that flattering off, but on they're lovely, and i'm sure you will see lots of images of myself in them from my holidays which will actually be good quality, because my grandad has promised i can use his camera whilst we are away! (canon 400D) i'm so excited, not too long now. We ordered some new suitcases to go away, and they also came today and me and my sister wanted to start packing straight away! i love my suitcase, it has a sheep on it! just a little metal tag with a sheep on but still it's a sheep.
i'm bidding on some sandals from ebay currently, and they're ending soon so hopefully i will have a new pair of sandals too, honestly i am ebay mad at the minute you can get amazing things for really low prices it's like WOW!
ohh so i took some pictures of two of my friends not long ago at school, and i have been meaning to put them on here but forgetting, they're really embarresing, but what they hell! :')

they were both being uber silly, messing with there hair! (curtains) first image is of Rebecca who also has a blog! & second image is Kelsey gotta' love Kelsey :')
thats all i have to tell you at the moment.
Till next time,
Nicole xoxo <- rebecca's blog! it's awesome :) xx


  1. hey thanks for following :)

  2. Hey! Were'd you get that picture from and when'd you take it? I'm incredible embarassed right now -.-! x