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Thursday, 11 November 2010

schools over for two weeks!

 so i've finished school for two weeks, and that makes me so happy you wouldn't belive.
but i'm kinda dreading tommorow, it's going to be so busy and hectic so heres the plan at the moment!
6am- get up, get in the shower, get dressed and all that jaz.
7:45am- leave the house for my grandma's.
8:10am- get in the funeral car and drive to the the whole ceremony stuff, then go to the crem, then go to my aunties for coffee.
not sure of the time- go home get changed into travelling clothes an head of to my grandma's.
12:15- mini bus is coming to pick us all up to take us to the train station, hopefully! (if we aren't ready for the mini bus, then we just have to go a little later an catch a different train)
1:09pm- train to London.. which i'm not going to like.
3:30pm ish- we will be in London and then we have to get on some tubes and some more trains.. -.-
so thats all thats planned, when we get to the airport we get to check in our bags the night before because we're spesh' nahh we're not it's twillight check in. Then tommorow night i'm staying in a hotel, and i fly on saturday!

so at the moment i'm sat with my doggys, because it's the last time i'm going to see them for two weeks, ill cry when we have to take them to my grandads i HATE leaving them, but i have to, we're taking them later tonight because tommorow is going to be so bloody busy. i love my puppy dogs..
so this may be the last time you hear of me in two weeks (hurray!)
ha.. imma' try blog sometimes when i'm in FLORIDA but i'm not postive that i'll have time, although i will have to do homework whilst i'm there because ive been given so much!
but yeh..
goodbye for now (:
Nicole xox


  1. Ah, I hate leaving my dogs, too! Hope you have fun in Florida!!

    KF x

  2. yep, it's horrible ):
    & thankyou!
    Nicole xox

  3. Hi my doll! Your blog is so sweet!!!
    so cute! following you now
    Make sure to follow me back babe!