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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

'and the week just got worse,'

Hello :)
back to bore you, school was rubbishy nothing excited happened apart from a kid getting kicked out of school for going through someones personal belongings and steeling there phone, and i was told i have two exam/tests next tuesday, the joy of school.
i was walking out of school in the normal way, pulling my ipod out of my pocket and putting some tunes on, i don't know why but i normally have oasis playing whilst walking from school to the bus.. but anyway.. i then went to get my phone from my pocket and it wasn't there! i didn't know what to do, i thought maybe i just put it in my bag after p.e so, i walked to the bus, sat down and looked through my bag, i think i elbowed the girl sitting next to me in the process, ill say sorry, promise.
ive lost my phone :(
devistated, i don't know why really because i never really use it, i just like to have it in my left pocket. i'm going to go on a mission for it tommorow in school, though its probably been picked up and stolen forever! the thought of someone going through my texts and images.. urgh.
i was watching tv this morning, and i was watching day break, and well they came on with the news about the australlia's next top model thingy, if you didn't know.. basically the host of australlia's next top model got it wrong and said that one girl won, then a little while later was informed she got it wrong and it was actually the other girl! mega cringe. golly imagine that, you'd got to the final and were over the moon that you'd just won, then your told, actually you're not the winner D:
i feel sorry for the poor girl.
tonight, i think i'm going to get some homework done, i have no idea what homework i have but i assure you ill have some, i have revision too so i may do that, there is nothing to do nowadays, and no one comes on 'msn' during the week so there is no one to talk to, are they don't come on till later tonight anyway..
86 days till my camera people! get excited i know i am!
as soon as i have it there will be like a hundred pictures on here everyday ^^
canon 400D :') i love you.
soo i have nothing else to say.
till next time.
Nicole x

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