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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Erik Stensland

Hey , so this is the first edition to the photography blog, i hope you all like it, after hours of research this is just some of the information i have come up with. I enjoyed so much reseraching this man, i loved it, so i hope i get a great response and that i shall continue in the future to wright this blog. Instead of doing homework last night this is what i did :)
So Erik is a nature photographer, I decided to take a look of some of his work, and i have to say he is amazing, the colours that he captires within his pictures is just purely stunning. So the collection of images in which i looked at are from 'Morning Light' and these pictures are described as showing the 'beauty of the world' and believe me thry sure do. The lighting in his pictures is astonishing, i have fallen in love with his work immediatlry. I normally go for simplistic images within my own photography normally only focusing on one object but within Erik's photography he has many different objects ( maybe not the correct word in this context) also in most of his pictures he has layers and layers of colour, I think this is what attracted me to this photographer the most. In my own photography i normally have only the central piece which is often a vibrant colour and then the background is basic as possible so it doesn't take to much attraction awat from the main focus, however in his pictures he manages to use a variety.range of colour and still manage to creat a great shot. So among this website are thousands of his images, he has them from all over the globe, and i'm just simply going to choose images from the united kingdom because thats were i am from, but if you would like to look at some more of his work ( i would strongly advise) visit:

i think this images is stunning, i love how he has captured a load of colours, and it looks amazing, creating a perfect shot.

Again a variety of colours, this image looks so gentle whilst fun.

wow, thats all i can say, this image in my eyes is stunning.

This has to be my favorite image of them all, i think this image almost looks cartoonish, but maybe it's only me who thinks that. I believe there is a difference in this picture to otheres, this image has a main focus (light house) and it looks stunning, but he doesn't then decide what i would do and go for a very basic background to enable the lighthosue to stand out, he assures that he has layers of colours added. Truley stunning.

So that's all for this one, hope you've enjoyed it! :)
I sure did enjoy research, i find this so much fun, i think this is what i'm going to do from now on. If anyone has any recommendations on photographer then please inform me, I'd love new ideas.
Ohh and just to tell you all i found my phone, it fell out of my pocket in French, oh and i had R.E revision to night which was a whole load of fun, i now like R.E! :)
until next time,
Nicole x

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