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Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Hey :)
my mum is off to see the one and only Michael Bublé tonight, and ive never been so jealous. He is just perfect. Everything about him gives me butterflies.(yes i have realised the age difference) I'm left home alone, with my sister as always, my dads taking advantage of tonight to and he's of out so i'm home.
I have homework to do though, and a load of it. School is so stressful. i have a french piece to write for tommorow, and i just don't understand it at all, we have to describe our best friends, so if anyone would like to help i'd be greatful ^^ ahaa.. i'm only joking, i will get to it eventually, i also have to finish some geography work, but thats okay, if i make this piece of work really good i may be able to talk to some children from INDA! and yes i actually really want to, endless questions i would like to ask them, only problem i would have is we have to like skype and i would constantly be depressed over the way i look, but once i start talking i'm sure it would be okay. Ehhh.. i hate ICT, we have started our course work which goes towards 60% of our overall mark, so i'm getting really worried, because i'm not understanding it to well, and i find it really boring, so i believe thats one of the GCSE's i shall fail :/
i was made to run.
i hate running, i have really bad knees so if i wanted to i could of realistically got out of it, but i did it :D proud?
i have nothing much else to tell you about, i'm sorry my posts are so boring at the moment, but its all schoolschooschool, i promise i shall try make it more exciting.
Till next time,
Nicole x

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