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Sunday, 26 September 2010

new start.

I believe a new start is needed for me, and i'm starting it by making a new blog.
sooo.. hello :)
i'm nicole.

i'm 14.
i love to write, i love photography, the world is sucgh a beautiful place, don't you think?
take a look around you, you see? look closely; it's amazing really.
my judgement on life?
hurm... i don't know.
i love my life, i do; however i hate my life. Confused? ahaa.. yes i agree.. i'm a very confusing person. Looking back at my life it's been pretty amazing, but there has been elements which i would have loved to change, telling someone 'i love you' more than i have. So many things i have done and regret, people say they wouldn't change there life one bit, i would love to and i'm going to.
i want to become a more confident person, whilst writing, i am able to fully express myself and i love it! I'm a really shy person, and i normally keep everything locked up inside, but i find by writing, i can say anything.
So basically this blog is about ME!
if you don't want to know about me then don't read it?
i will include pictures of my life, storys and everything else!
i will tell you everything.
Counting down till christmas:
ahaa.. yes i will have a countdown on this blog, to inform you of how many days it is till the happy holiday! i can't wait, i get my new camera :') i can't wait! seriously i literally can't wait D:
i don't have a camera at the moment, and i hate it, ive been using my grandads a little, and i love it so i'm planning on getting the same (Canon 400D) ive also used my friends hers is pretty awesome too, though i don't know the name (
My life:
i have another blog which you can find some old information about me if you'd like to :)
hurmm.. this weekend, i have my friends Rebecca staying over, she has a blog too and ive included a link to her blog further up in this post, please have a look? :)
we had an awesome night :) eating loads, staying up late, being stupid and watching movies!
i havent had a sleepover in ages so it was nice.
all of saturday i had to spend claning up though, it was some effort but it was worth it.
I'm in year 10 at school and ive done 1 GCSE already in maths i got an A and i'm happy with it, i also got an A* in some science coursework i did, it was on cannabis and i was interested in the topic, so i think this helped me a bit. Ive been having a hard time at school recently loads of homework, and ive fallen out with a person who used to be a good friend. I think i'm growing up to quick, the main reason i fell out with her is because i find her so immature, does this mean ive grown up to fast or she is just genually immature.. i don't know xD
listening to music at the moment; Marina and the diamonds.
what kind of music do i like?
i like all music! well most, i don't have just one genre in which i like, i love screamo and i love pop ^^ 
i'm strange :)
i'm so sorry, i will stop boring you now, but i will be back to bore you some more tommorow? please do follow, and i promise you some amazing stuff, thankyou so much in advance, if you comment or even follow!
Till next time.
Nicole x


  1. It's a erm fujiFilm slr s1500 or something like that love lovely blog and keep it up! :) xx

  2. Hello there Bruno ^^
    & thankyou Rebecca! :D