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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

i'm home.

yes, thats right i'm home, but no way am i happy about it.
my last couple of days over in florida were awesome, i went shopping on 'black friday' for all of you who don't know what black friday is, i shall explain because i'm nice like that - so yeh, basically its the day after thanksgiving andpeople que for hours because all shops have like huge big sales on, well i obviously wasn't going to stand in theese ques but my dad, grandma an grandad got up at 4:30 to go to walmart and try to get this laptop which was uber awesome and uber cheap, ha yeah, they had no chance people had been queing from 10pm thanksgiving night to get into the store, so they left with nothing. We went shopping that day though it took over 30 mins in the car to get to the outlets, it normally only takes 5 mins & people were queing to get into stores it was unbelievable however we did manage to get a whole load of shopping done AND i got a load of clothes from F21 and a pair of boots it was uber cheap but i'm not allowed any of it before christmas. Saturday we went shopping once again this time i went to F21 again and got two pairs of shoes i was allowed one pair before christmas (': they're so nice, i shall try get a picture.
but yeh.. 7 hour plane ride to Gatwick airport and then two train journeys, it was funny on the train journey from London kings cross to Newcastle because as we bagan to get further north the emount ofsnow increased. When we got off in Newcastle it was so bloody cold, and i had my newshoes on which have no grips and i was sliping all over, It was late Monday night efore we got the doggy's back and then we discorved that --- MOLLY IS pregnant! yep, i can't believe it, so we is going to have some new members to the family soon.
The snow is so bad here in the north east that the schools are all closed which is a good job because i am uber ill! i'm hoping that the snow stays really bad so that i don't have to go back to school before christmas.
yeh.. i shall shut up now and let you enjoy some more photo's from my holidays.

OHHHHH and thankyou to my new followers &thankyou for all the comments! :)
Nicole xox


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  3. thankyou for both of the comments. :)
    Nicole xox