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Thursday, 23 December 2010

2 days!

can you believe it? this year has gone by super fast, i really can't believe it.
Yesturday was pretty awesome, we went ice skating, it was so great to be back on the ice. Me and my sister were the only people with our own skates on, everyone just stared expecting us to do some amazing trick or something, ha. I was trying to be super careful because if i fell everyone would of laughed :( after that we went shopping, urgh.. newcastle was uber busy. i was uber ILL! so that made things a whole lot worse.. the time i didn't want to be ill i am.. it's horrible, i can't sleep D: i'm hoping to be better before christmas because i'd hate to be ill on christmas day.
Today, i'm going to try get better. TOMMOROW! i go to see the panto, so excited!
day after, it's christmas.. New camera! :')
hope you all have a great christmas!
Nicole xoxo


  1. Sit in bed with the heating on drinking plenty of hot drinks! Get well :D x