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Sunday, 19 December 2010

'walking in a winter wounderland!'

i'm so tired, so this shall be short. I went to see Pixie Lott friday night, as my best friend bought me a ticket for Christmas, she was pretty damn good, the whole time all i could think was ' I WANT HER BLOODY LEGS!' ha, i'm so jealous of her, gorgeous legs and she is so pretty! i wore the dress i got from Converse whilst i was away, i kinda love it. i was wearing tights and my new shoes, but my tights kept falling down, urgh hate it when that happens. yesturday i went shopping for an extra preasent for Rebecca, and then i went to m grandparents house to stay :) today has been super boring, ive done some sewing, ive really got into it, and i shall show you the result when its done. i'm so excited for christmas, to get my CAMERA! ahh well excited.
if i don't blog before christmas i hope you all have a good one!

Nicole xox

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