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Saturday, 4 December 2010

another day in the snow..

ive been off school alll week! in total ive been off school for three weeks, not the best i know. i'm prayin that more snow falls, because i can't be bothered to go back and i have a load of work to do and really don't want to bloody do it. yesturday was my mummy's birthday (34) ha yeh.. she's only bloody 34 and she hates it, my dad woke me up pretty early and said we needed to go into town, we have been house bound for the last week the snow is so bad so we've had no time to get my mum a card are preasents, so anyways - my dad said we should take the car; the car was in like 1000 feet of snow! yeh.. we were out there for like an hour just to get the bloody thing of the drive, bahaa at one point i had to drive the car, i think i did very well. Anyways after that we had to go to the petrol station because we was low on well petrol, then my dad reminded me that my mum had to be at the doctors by two so we had to rush home, we hadn't even been to town to get what we needed. in the end my dad had to go by himself to get the stuff off my mum, he even bought a card from the doggys to my mum; my dad hates the doggys. We started to put some of the christmas decorations up last night, and finished today; We have three tree's : black,white & green. Currently i'm sat in the house with my sister and doggy's watching cartoons as you do when your mum an dad go out.
Molly still hasn't had here puppies, i really can't wait, i just have this dread that she'll have them tonight when my mum is out and ill have a panic attack- she is really hormonal, ha i bet your all laughing, a hormonal dog? well yes she is, she is so bloody moody,growling at her brother all the time, and she goes in the huff a lot, it's so bloody funny, i love my molly.

My plans for tonight are to:
-drink a load of coffee
-watch tv
-sit on my laptop
-maybeMAYBE do some school work
-& sleep
so yeh, ill say goodbye now.

 Nicole xox


  1. Ah - I hate being behind on schoolwork! So overwhelming. You'll have to post pictures when your dog has her puppies! I bet that's so exciting : )

    KF x

  2. SURE IS!
    She had them just last night :)
    they're so cute!
    Nicole xox