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Saturday, 11 December 2010

happy (:

hey, to start of this blog i'm going to inform you all of a giveaway, Kenzie Faith is doing a giveaway in which you have the chance to win a gorgeous mustard coloured scarf and gloves. SO yeh i think you should enter that because i have :)
anyway, it's the weekend and ive never been so happy to be of school in my life. crappy week. the puppies are all well. I stayed at my grandma's last night and she came over to see the puppies and give me somemore pictures from my holiday so i shall show you some of them, there is some of me too which i have agreed i like, baha get excited! ha so here you go:

hope you all have a good weekend (:

Nicole xox


  1. seems fun to me!
    great pictures ^^

    i love the sky with those text ^^

  2. ha yep a load of fun (:

    & every Sunday they had a plane writing in the sky, it always read something like 'Trust in GOD
    :) Jesus Loves You!'

    Nicole xox

  3. Thanks for writing about my giveaway, miss! :)

    Awesome pictures!!

    KF x