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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

what a day!

Hey, today seemed to pass by like super quick.
i did two full lessons and a half, and then had 'lunch' then went to teeside university more about that in a min,
but, i never eat in school, well i have chewing gum, and i'm normally okay until i come home and i'm uber hungry, i often loose quite alot of weight when i go back to school because all i have is one meal a day and then maybe one snack, like a biscuit before bed. Today i was forced to take some food because we were off on a trip, i took a mini sausage roll and a packet of chrisps, i ate 1/4 of the sausage roll and like 4 crips, and i didn't want anything else, i found it amazing because normally if i have food ill eat it, but i didn't and i felt proud? i weighed myself on my scales and i hate the numbers which look back at me, and i can't tell you because i'm not confident enought, but it's quite alot. when i came in i had a bagel for tea & a coffee yumyum.. thats all ill have now (: my goal is to be 9stone when i'm 16 so i have like 1 year and a bit, i'm hoping to do it. Anyways the trip today was crap, and the bus driver we had was like uber moody.
they're really good, really fat but gorgeous (': i don't want to become to attached because we have to get rid of them, i'm hoping that my grandad or someone i know takes at least one so that i can see one grow up, they're so beautiful. hm.. wish i could keep them, but then it would be six dogs, GOSH no D:

I'm so excited for christmas now, can't wait for all of the family to be together (:
goodbye for now!
Nicole xox

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  1. Those pictures are super cool. Good luck on your goal :)

    KF x