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Friday, 31 December 2010

happy new year :)

so yeah.. december 31st already? can you believe it? so much has happened this year, some good - others bad. LOTS of people shall be partying and celebrating the start of the new year, where as i shall be in the house, yay! i'm planning on eating a whole lot of ice cream - well thats if i feel any better, i feel so dizzy :( urgh.. it's horrible i feel as if i'm going to faint, i don't know why D:
anyways, i went shopping today and bought some new clothes- i was planning on doing an outfit post of what i wore to go shopping, but ever since i got in ive been sat in my new clothes so its an outfit post of what i got, all in the sale may i add :) so here you go :

trousers- Select- £7! 
i also bought:

ahh i'm sorry this is such a long post but i have pictures of the puppies :)


 Buster&Ellie&Molly's nose :)


So there you go, my little puppies. They were so hard to photograph, they can walk and stuff now so they wouldn't keep still, but i did it!
Nicole xox

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