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Saturday, 1 January 2011



so i hope you all had a good night last night and your all feeling okay today. For me last night was spent mostly asleep, then ate a little and was asleep by 11:30, i did try to stay awake- but my ear was killing me so much. i woke up this morning and felt a little better, it feels like i'm on a plane when you take off/land and your ears pop! but it's like constant and ive had it all day. today was spent at my grandparents, we ate ham sandwhiches and then the rest of the christmas pudding with rum sauce YUM! my grandma also gave myself and my sister some "stuff", she put on the floor a load of: boxes/jewlery boxes,earrings, necklaces and  two broches. She told us we could have what we wanted, so i took all the earrings and three boxes: All of it is so vintage and i love everything.

some of the things in which i got were my great grandma's who sadly passed aways so it's great to have something to remind me of her. 
& this is what i wore today :)

ha, everything i'm wearing is my new stuff from yesturdays post (:
all pictures were taken by my little sister; Charlotte. She was super cute,telling me how i should stand/sit! 
i love my little sister!
Nicole xox


  1. Sweet post:-) Tell your little sister she looks very cute, like you:-)