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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

your welcome to all the people whom said thankyou for giving you the stylish blog award, i'm justt going to share with you who i actually gave the award to- i just left a comment on a post because i'm good like that (:
- the solar flare
- themadtoter
- missing-lovebirds
- melinda jane
- Kenzie Faith
- it is a lok-yin
- inside the mind of alex.
- daisy butter
- Come Whine with me
- combo-monster
- bells-and-whistles
- She Wore WHAT?!
- November Grey
- Young and Wise

yep i'm sure thats all 15 of you lovelys(:
well i did have an outfit post all sorted and stuffs- but the pictures failed to upload. em.. nothing exciting has happened recently apart from on saturday i went to a friends birthday party and saw a friend there who i havent seen in forever so it was nice to see her and have a bit of a chat. School has been boring as always. I went to revision tonight.. it was maths and well there was only 6 of us there.. and everyone who was there i didn't really talk to so it was super boring- but when my mummy picked me up we went to mcdonalds for tea(': - honestly i twist about how fat i am yet i still eat at mcdonalds. well thats all i have for you tonight.. sorry about it being such a rubbish post again):
Love you all,
Nicole xxox


  1. I gave you an award too, but you already got one! :D


  2. congrats :)))