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Thursday, 6 January 2011


sorry, but no pictures today, i had no were/no time to take them. SORRY for no post yesturday- i know i'm so bad, but i was at my grandmas and you see because i had homework she sat and watched me like a hawk to make sure i did nothing else but homework :') - i love my grandma. Today was another super boring day at school, apart from the conversations in which i have with my friends i have to say they're far from boring!
Oh yeh.. i'm supposed to be doing revision right now, i'm doing a graphics exam tommorow- and i'm kinda doing really bad in graphics so revision is soooooooooo important. ( i promise i will get to doing some more revision after ive finished updating you lovely lot) The puppies are doing great! they're eating real food now, which means they're getting closer to leaving which like really upsets me! urgh.
so yep, i promise the weekend will bring you some better posts ha!
love you all,
Nicole xox


  1. weird that you are have school, we have holiday until monday :D