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Thursday, 13 January 2011

i'd catch a grenade for ya.

i was off school yesturday and today, i'm super ill ): really sore throat yesturday and today my nose is running like a tap! (bit too much information i know;sorry) anyways. yesturday we went to the metro,(shopping centre) because i needed to buy some tracksuit bottoms for school- i got some from h&m which are pretty awesome, so happy that ill no longer have to wear my mummys adidas ones, since ive been losing weight they're kinda to big. We also tided the whole house yesturday which killed me and think it made me worse today, at least the house is tidy? Today i woke up feeling worse than ever but still got ready for school because i feel so bad missing time off- my mum told me i wasn't allowed to go, BUT my dad booked tickets for myself and my little sister to go and see Rhianna! i'm super excited although it's not till next november- i love the girl. i havent done anything more today because i'm too ill but i did take some pictures- and i'm sorry for how horrible i look, on some of the pictures my sister says i look like i'm crying; well my eyes were watering.

thanks to my sister for the pictures. Saturday i'm hoping to be going into newcastle to meet diva fever  with friends or maybe just a friend- and hopfully get some needed shopping done!
goodbye for now!
Nicole xox

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  1. I hate being ill!! :( it's really annoying when you miss everything 'cause you can't go out :(