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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

'i still believe- it's you and me till the end of time!'

there is a lot going on in my life at the moment /: well not really just a load of school crap & DAD problems. Well tonight i went to graphics revision, because i'm kinda doing really bad in graphics, we did a moc test last week and i got a D /: it's the only class i'm actually doing bad in which is really annoying. Revision kinda helped actually, i'm hoping to do much better in my actual exam which is like the 21st AH! a good friend of mine supplied me with a photography book today, which i was super greatful for. Em i has an outfit post, i don't edit my pictures and to be honest i don't think even the best editors in the world could actually make my pictures look good, i'm hoping the book my friend gave me will help! :)

(dress-converse,tights-primarks,shoes-newlook,earrings-vintage;great grandma betty rip<3)
ha yeh..i kinda just threw all of this on& then after taking the pictures took it all back off and got into my pjs. The shoes aren't actually mine because i can't walk in high heels or wear them because i'm pathetic (': but i bloody love them! my mum bought them when we went to my dads cousins wedding; i love being the same shoe size as my mum. hope you've all had a good start to the weeek!
Nicole xox

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  1. love the shoes <3