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Monday, 3 January 2011

i'm not in the best of moods today and i can't decide why, either because i'm still ill or just tired. i was woke mby my grandma this morning at 10:40 i think i was slightly annoyed at myself for staying in bed that long, but the bed at her house is so flipping comfy. AHH! i know why i'm so grumpy.. i have school tommorow. i hate the place and i have so much to do before tommorow it's unreal.. it's now 18:26 and i'm blogging when i should be doing homework, no change there right? anyways i have no pictures today, because i'm all moody. but my grandma did finish my cardigan, and i bloody love it! its an aran cardigan, it's like the one i got from my Grandad, well took from my grandad after he died; but it's a different colour and isn't bobbly :) she's making me a jumper next, but she is making my sister a load of stuff before that so i may have it for my birthday! (22nd march!) thats all i have to say to you lovely lot, hope you have all had a great start to the new year!
Nicole xox

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  1. Sorry your day isn't going so well. We've all had days like that. I hope you take picture of you and the cardigan! I would love to see it.